Worried about her husband’s worsening condition, this woman called the emergency services three times. Paramedics did not arrive on the scene until two hours after his calls. But still, her husband and father of her children was treated to a “disgusting” ambulance crew who treated the 51-year-old man in very bad shape “alcoholic”. The incident told by the wife of the victim of the negligence of this Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust team dates back to April 2019, reports the Mirror on June 16.

This father’s wife tells HullLive what she and her daughters went through in 2019. Her husband having been diagnosed with an umbilical hernia, she feared the worst when his condition deteriorated that day -the. According to her, the behavior of the paramedics “completely changed” when she told them that her husband was suffering from hepatic sarcoidosis, caused by alcohol addiction. “The way he was treated by the ambulance crew that day was disgusting.” mentioned the victim’s wife. “I believe they treated him like an alcoholic,” she said. “As soon as I mentioned it they decided it was alcohol related, although my husband lifted his shirt to show them the hernia,” she says.

Two other ambulance crews arrive, but too late…

The first team of paramedics did not consider it necessary to take the man suffering from an umbilical hernia to the hospital. “They took him alone in the ambulance and didn’t want me to come with him.” said the victim’s wife. “He came out and said they told him not to worry and he signed a waiver to say he was happy to stay home,” the widow said. But her husband’s condition worsened until this morning when she found him unconscious, and where she and her daughter had to resuscitate him. “Two ambulance crews came that morning and they couldn’t have been better,” she said.

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