Nearly a hundred people discovered crammed into a house

Friday, April 30, in the evening, the American police made a strange discovery in Huston, in the south of the country. Inside a house, more than 90 people, all adults, are crowded. “Last night we were informed that a person may have been held captive and we worked all night to obtain a location and an arrest warrant,” said Daryn Edwards, deputy chief of the police department of Houston.

Friday night, he finds himself with his team in front of this two-story house and finds much more than one person. Of the 90 people, five are women. The youngest seems to be in her twenties, while the older ones are not over her thirties. “They were all huddled together, split between two rooms, wearing basic clothing and not tied up,” said Daryn Edwards. According to the New York Times, Homeland Security investigators were at the scene to assess the possibility of human trafficking.

HPD Commanders and PIO at 12200 Chessington Drive after dozens of persons found inside a residence. Incident initially reported as a kidnapping and may possibly involve human smuggling. Media briefing expected in about an hour. #HouNews

– Houston Police (@houstonpolice) April 30, 2021

A suspected Covid-19 cluster

If the conditions did not seem too bad, some assure the police officers not to have eaten “for a while”. Food and water were therefore brought to them on site. In addition, some of the residents had symptoms of Covid-19, such as fever, loss of taste or smell. Before being moved from home, everyone will therefore be tested for Coronavirus.

The United States faces a peak in migrant smuggling

No information on possible suspects, nor on how the people arrived at the home, was disclosed.

In a similar case, a 36-year-old man was arrested last December. He is suspected of having “hosted” around 30 people in a house in Houston. All are said to be from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Cuba. Indeed, the United States has been facing a very high peak in illegal crossings at its border with Mexico for several months. According to Paris Match, 172,000 arrests took place in March, a level unprecedented for fifteen years.

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