Nearly 4,000 euros in bookings for a doll’s house on Airbnb

Archie Manners and Josh Pieters, two famous British Youtubers, had made the bet to try to trap the Airbnb rental platform. To do so, they uploaded a fake ad for renting a house in south-east London, with close-up photos of a dollhouse, as Capital reports according to reports from the New. York Post.

Thanks to the many details of the (very) small house, several Internet users have booked overnight stays on the platform. However, the Youtubers had, all the same, “sowed clues in their path, like a bottle of water that seems giant next to a staircase, or their face in a mirror in the (fake) bathroom”, underlines the economic news site. In all, Archie Manners and Josh Pieters have recorded more than 3,000 pounds, or 3,400 euros, in bookings, for nights they had set at 87 pounds, which equates to about 100 euros.

To highlight the lack of ad verification by Airbnb

If for most holidaymakers, the YouTubers warned them of the hoax before their arrival, they still brought in a few rental companies to reveal the pot aux roses to them, before taking charge of a night in a hotel for them. compensate. With this false ad, the two Youtubers wanted to highlight the lack of verification of the ads by Airbnb. “We thought we were going to rent one of the smallest houses in the world on one of the biggest sites,” they said. indicated. Airbnb did not wish to react to this affair.

Nearly 4,000 euros in bookings for a doll’s house on Airbnb © YouTube

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