Natasha Saint-Pier is a caring mom. In 2015, the singer gave birth to a baby boy named Bixente. A real happiness, which was clouded since her son was then suffering from a tetralogy of Fallot, a quadruple heart defect. “I learned of my son’s pathology in the seventh month of pregnancy. But the cardiologist who gave me the ultrasound did not tell me that my son was sick, he said: ‘We are going to save him your son. ‘. He told me at the same time that my child had a pathology and that there was hope, “recalled Natasha Saint-Pier on the Touche plateau not at my post this Friday, February 18. And the singer and the doctor were right to have hope since today, Bixente is in perfect health. Evidenced by the many photos posted by his mother on social networks.

But for Natasha Saint-Pier, this period was obviously overwhelming. “As parents, when we enter this circle of the hospital environment, we are faced with a lot of questions. What will the specialists answer?”, She said on C8. And to continue: “But also other very human questions on which we have no one to communicate with. Because our mother, our brothers, our sisters, our cousins ​​… do not have sick children. they cannot answer “. Faced with this situation, Natasha Saint-Pier “felt alone”: “We all have this desire to give the best for our child. And that becomes our hobbyhorse. How to offer our children the best possible quality of life. ? ” Operated at four months, her son is now on his feet. And mom couldn’t be happier.

Natasha Saint-Pier: “My testimony will provide answers to anxieties”

“I do not feel indebted to God for the survival of my son, even if I felt the need to believe in something stronger than medicine, she confided a few years ago in the columns of Gala. The night before Bixente’s operation, I stayed by his bed at Necker Hospital and thanked him for letting me be his mom for those four months. I told him he could go away in peace, but that if he wished to stay by my side, I would be the happiest mother. ” A hard fight that Natasha St-Pier recounted in her book entitled Mon petit coeur deeurre. A work which aims to “help people” in turn. “My testimony will provide answers to the anxieties of mothers of sick children, or of hope,” she confided to Closer on its publication in bookstores. And will help dads who may wonder what is going on in the minds of mothers . “

Natasha Saint-Pier © C8

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