She’s been through hell. Kidnapped on March 2, 1998 on her way to her school in the Donaustadt district of Vienna, Natascha Kampusch was held captive for more than eight years in a cellar before escaping her captor, Wolfgang Přiklopil, on August 23, 2006. mistreated and sexually abused, the young Austrian lived 3096 nightmares. However, she still finds it difficult to part with certain memories.

In the documentary Natascha Kampusch, the confession event: return to 8 years in hell, scheduled for Tuesday March 7 at 9:25 p.m. on TMC, Natascha Kampusch reveals some of the objects of her captivity that she still refuses to throw away. Among them books, notebooks, a radio, but also a very special blue checkered dress. “This is the dress I wore the day of my abduction. It is very stiff now, indicates the young woman of 35 years, specifying to have cut the garment in two “when she grew up”. “With my mother, we would like sew it up to make a whole dress,” she continues.

“My mother tells me ‘Come on, throw it all in the trash’, but it’s not possible”

10 years old at the time of her abduction, Natascha Kampusch also kept certain toys, in particular dolls offered by her kidnapper. “For him, these toys were used to reward me, or in any case to present himself as someone benevolent, she remembers. So that I do not think too much about my situation, I think. It was to tell me ‘You have everything here. You are much better than in your family, or than outside.’

If it may seem surprising that Natascha Kampusch is so attached to the memories of her eight years spent in a cellar, the main interested party does not see the problem. In his eyes, these objects are part of his past, of his identity. “These objects are part of my life. My mother says to me, ‘Come on, throw it all in the trash’, but it’s not possible. They are my business. For eight and a half years, I made these objects my personal affairs,” she says. After 3096 ordeal, Natascha Kampusch managed to escape the vigilance of her captor on August 23, 2006, when the latter had asked her to clean his car in his garden. A few hours later, Wolfgang Přiklopil killed himself by going under a train, making Natascha and her dolls the only witnesses of what she experienced.

Natascha Kampusch: these objects of her captivity that she categorically refuses to throw away

The Donaustadt district, Vienna © WALTER

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