This Tuesday, March 7, 2023, TMC is broadcasting an exceptional documentary, entitled “Natascha Kampusch, the confession event: return to 8 years in hell”. Indeed, this is the time that the young Austrian will remain in the hands of her captor Wolfgang Priklopil. In this documentary, she herself comes back to the details of her daily life. At the age of 10, this little girl will be kidnapped on her way to school on March 2, 1998. For eight years, she will remain captive, in a dungeon, built under the house of her kidnapper.

Natascha Kampusch managed to escape from this prison in August 2006. Her kidnapper was found beheaded on a railway track. The police thus conclude to a suicide. But in the media, many doubts are expressed. In particular from Der Spiegel which indicates that after having beaten, raped and treated as a slave the young girl, the man would have been murdered before being placed on the railway tracks where he was found. Worse still, two medical examiners believe that the body of the girl’s abductor has not been “examined according to acceptable legal standards”.

The gray areas persist

Other gray areas persist. Indeed, an independent police officer who was investigating this case had explained to his brother that he was “perhaps on the trail of a big scandal”. He will be found on his balcony, with a bullet in the head. But according to his relatives, this policeman was killed because he knew too much. Another character also enters this case. A certain Ernest Holzapfel who crossed paths with Natascha Kampusch on several occasions. He would then have indicated that he was not aware that the “young woman” to whom he had shaken hands was Natascha Kampusch. But in 2009 he will admit: “I kept the truth, because I feared that the investigators would believe me involved in this crime”, he will explain.

Natascha Kampusch case: what happened to Wolfgang Priklopil, her kidnapper?

Natascha Kampusch was abducted at the age of 10 © Zuma Press

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