It is a secret that she has long kept secret from those close to her. In May 2021, Naomi Campbell announced on her Instagram account the birth of her first child. “A beautiful little blessing chose me to be his mother, I am so honored to have this pure soul in my life. There are no words to describe the lifelong bond I now share with you. my angel. There is no greater love“, she wrote in the caption of an adorable snapshot of her daughter. Discreet about her private life forever, the 51-year-old model had not said more about this birth, leaving many rumors on the subject.

But almost a year later, she has chosen the British edition of Vogue to lift the veil on an important point in her eyes: “She was not adopted, she is my child”, has she assured the magazine, for the cover of which she proudly poses with her daughter, whom she has rarely spoken about since birth. A sublime shot, immortalized by Steven Meisel, on which the supermodel is dressed in a Valentino outfit, her hair styled naturally. “So blessed to share my baby girl my daughter with you,” she captioned a photo from the shoot about Vogue, which has accompanied her career for more than thirty years.

What is the name of Naomi Campbell’s daughter?

If the news of this birth was a big upheaval in the sphere people, it turns out that for those close to Naomi Campbell, this birth was not a surprise. “I can count on one hand the number of people who knew I was going to have it,” she told journalist Sarah Harris, calling her baby girl “the greatest blessing” she has ever had. could so far imagine. “It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” she added, adding that her longtime friend Cindy Crawford met her daughter when she was just a few days old. If she chained the revelations in this rare interview, the model however kept a small detail for her: the first name of her child, which she still wants to keep secret.

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