This is a rather unprecedented scene witnessed by passengers on the flight from Leeds to Alicante on November 12: while one of the hostesses was distributing drinks to passengers in the central aisle of the aircraft, one of them put his hand under her skirt and touched her private parts. The informed pilot therefore took a radical and immediate decision, which had consequences for all the passengers.

Emergency landing at Nantes-Atlantique airport

The offending passenger, a 66-year-old Briton, had clearly exceeded the blood alcohol threshold since he had 2.2 grams of alcohol in his blood. The pilot, who made an emergency landing at Nantes-Atlantique airport, handed the man over to the border police who took him into custody. He was presented to the Nantes public prosecutor on November 14 and is due to be tried on Thursday. For the other passengers on the plane, the flight was therefore quite disrupted by the behavior of the individual, pending his support by the police and authorization to take off.

It was definitely a very busy weekend in the air, since many incidents took place in addition to this one: according to Air Journal, during a United Airlines flight between San Francisco and Chicago on Sunday November 13, it was a woman with a child in her arms who wreaked havoc shortly before landing. After getting up from her seat, she indeed began to insult the hostesses for unclear reasons, threatening to kill one of them. Four crew members were needed to subdue her, before this woman was arrested.

Nantes: a hostess groped by a passenger in mid-flight, the pilot makes a radical decision

A passenger was obviously drunk © Illustration photo

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