When they meet for the first time at a dinner in New York in 2003, these two have a priori little chance of making a long way together. She comes out of a most painful crossing of the desert, devastated by a series of personal and professional failures. Divorced from Bruce Willis, devastated by the death of her mother, she accepts second-rate films, very far from her greatest successes like Ghost or Harassment.

At 41, the beautiful Demi seems to have a hard time negotiating the first real crossroads of her life. He, a former model converted into a young premier in Hollywood, has a series of romantic frills with random success and, at 25, needs a click to become the star he dreams of being. Demi already has three children, Ashton has a whole life ahead of him. And yet … Despite their sixteen-year gap, Demi and Ashton become inseparable and appear publicly hand in hand whenever they get the chance.

With Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore becomes the star of the cougars

But nothing draws the nasties of Hollywood more than a couple formed by a declining 1990s ex-sex symbol and one of the sexiest guys around. Ashton is quickly given the nickname “toy boy”, a new equivalent of gigolo, while Demi becomes the star of the cougars. A fashion that she launched long before Madonna or Pamela Anderson and that she fully assumes today!

“It’s a bit like I can go back in time and experience what the life of a young woman was like, much more than I had ever been able to experience when I was 20 years old”, confides- she in her biography Mémoires – l’Envers d’une vie (Massot éditions). After two years together, the couple married and Ashton even became a model stepfather with Demi’s three daughters, although he was only ten years older than Rumer Glenn, the eldest of the siblings!

Ashton Kutcher consoles himself with Sara Leal, much younger than him

But in 2011, eight years after their meeting, Demi Moore is at its lowest. Gnawed by her addictions to alcohol and certain drugs, she somehow pursues a career that has never really taken off. As for the sinister threesomes with Ashton, they have failed to revive a machine that stalls more and more often.

Then in his early thirties, the actor who has also become a producer will seek comfort (and a little more) in the arms of another. A certain Sara Leal, pretty blonde who is ten years younger than him on the clock. For Demi, at the dawn of her fifties, it’s the coup de grace. Broken, she files for divorce. And this is the end of the day for one of the most media couples of the 2000s.

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher © BESTIMAGE

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