A mushroom picker makes a sad find on the night of Saturday, April 16, 2022. The man called police after finding the body of a young boy in a heavily wooded area of ​​Salem, Indiana. Nothing on the boy’s corpse could identify him, according to ABC News. Meanwhile, Indiana State Police Sgt. Carey Huls declined to elaborate on how the boy died or what clothes he was wearing. He did reveal part of the boy’s description and an estimate of his age.

Thus, Sergeant Carey Huls describes the corpse as that of a boy whose age would be between 5 and 8 years old. He also told ABC News that he is a “4-foot-tall black boy with a slim build and short hair.” The boy’s body was found in a wooded area in Washington County, not far from a road, the sergeant said. It has also been revealed that the boy is believed to have died days earlier and that police are relying on a public appeal to gather more information about the boy and/or his parents.

The tragic discovery comes on the eve of Easter

The call for witnesses launched by the authorities aims to go back to the parents or legal guardians of the boy. “Someone at an Easter meal this weekend may have seen that someone was missing who should have been there. Family members, friends, carers. ‘a school, who may know there was a problem and that child could be that person,” Sgt. Huls said. “There are family members, friends, someone from school maybe, who knows there may have been problems, who thinks it could be that child,” he said. he specified.

Sergeant Carey Huls © DailyMail

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