This is his next fight. For the 10 years of Johnny’s death, Laeticia Hallyday already knows what she wants to do. In the columns of Le Parisien, the widow has indeed revealed her project. “I would like for the ten years that there is a musical. It’s my next fight, from January. There are still unreleased songs, including recent ones, but it will be in another time . You shouldn’t go too fast, do too many things,” she said. But for now, it is the five years of the death of her late husband that Laeticia Hallyday celebrated. On December 5, 2022, she went to his grave in Lorient, on the island of Saint-Barthélémy to pay homage to him. At sunset, an anniversary vigil took place. Laeticia Hallyday thus gathered on the burial covered with floral compositions in the form of objects dear to Johnny Hallyday. As seen in videos she posted the following day on her Instagram account, a bed of candles lit up the rock star’s grave.

Only here, if Laeticia Hallyday was able to pay tribute to her late husband, she was not surrounded by her daughters Jade and Joy for this solemn moment. Besides, she then pointed it out in an Instagram story. By sharing a snapshot of his children on which there was the following mention: “You miss”. But then, why weren’t Jade and Joy present at the ceremony honoring their father? As Closer told you exclusively, the two young women did not want to participate in order to no longer appear publicly. They now prefer to live their grief in the strictest privacy. “They have the baccalaureate and the white patent in Los Angeles” also specified Laeticia Hallyday in the columns of Parisian.

Tribute to Johnny Hallyday: why it’s so important for Laeticia

Every year since his death in 2017, Laeticia Hallyday pays tribute to Johnny. An appointment that she does not miss for any reason and which is very important. “I am very religious, I am part of the parish of Lorient, I go to mass every Sunday here, and I immediately felt after the funeral the need to go to his grave. I was able to stay a month on the island and it became a spiritual ritual, a communion.” added Laeticia Hallyday. Now in a relationship with Jalil Lespert, she still finds a breath of fresh air. As she also confided in the columns of Parisian, she allows herself to live her love in broad daylight. “Today I can no longer feel guilty about being in love and happy” added Laeticia Hallyday. However, she does not plan to marry him. “The most difficult part of this mourning is that I did not divorce Johnny, life took it from me. I still wear my wedding ring, I will never be able to remarry.” she confided.

"My next fight": this great project that Laeticia Hallyday wants to set up for the 10th anniversary of Johnny's death

Laeticia and Johnny Hallyday © Instagram

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