Discovered in the Princes and Princesses of Love and now co-head of the Rest of the World on W9, Milla Jasmine has established herself as one of the most emblematic reality TV candidates in recent years. After a three-year hiatus from YouTube, the 33-year-old surprised her community by sharing a never-before-seen video on Sunday July 3. Indeed, she wanted to address the dangers of cosmetic surgery.

Notably famous for her imposing buttocks, Milla Jasmine today regrets having done certain surgeries. She said: “My butt is not thanks to the pizza. About twelve years ago, I had injections in my butt, I did not do BBL (…) I made injections, and I do not hide from you that today I am very afraid, because these are injections which do not go away”. Very frank with her subscribers, she explained that the only way to find her natural buttocks would be to have surgery and keep an imposing scar.

Milla Jasmine talks about her other failed operations

In her YouTube video, Milla Jasmine alerted her subscribers to the importance of thinking carefully before having the operation and above all of turning to professionals, even if it means hoping for a few more years to pay for the operation. And if his buttocks are his biggest regret, the ex of Mujdat also confided in his lips. “The mouth is another mistake I made ten years ago. At the time I had no money at all (…) I ended up with not tip top stuff “. The reality TV candidate explained that she had been injected with silicone instead of hyaluronic acid.

Finally, Milla Jasmine opened up about her nose job, which dates back to 2019. Again, the Dubai-based influencer explained, “I can’t say it’s a mess, but I can’t say I I’m completely satisfied. It was on a whim (…) sometimes I think I shouldn’t have done that (…) after my breakup, I think I freaked out .When I woke up, I cried all the tears in my body.” An important message that should make its many subscribers think, eager to try cosmetic surgery.

Milla Jasmine © Christophe Clovis


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