Charles and Diana went on honeymoon on August 1, 1981.
For Princess Diana, who is bulimic, this honeymoon was an ordeal.
For his part, Charles III would also have experienced the worst honeymoon of his life.

The couple were married on July 29, 1981 in a highly publicized wedding as the world watched. Charles III, Prince of Wales at the time, and Princess Diana board the Royal Yacht Britannia, August 1, 1981. This two-week cruise to Gibraltar is the first leg of the newlyweds’ honeymoon. It will be as disastrous as it is for King Charles III of England as for “the princess of hearts”. In her letter to her personal assistant at the time, Princess Diana said her honeymoon was “the best time to catch up on sleep”.

In recordings kept by publisher Michael O’Mara, Lady Di talks about the two photos of her rival Camilla Parker Bowles that fell from her beloved husband’s diary as they were discussing the program in bed instead of enjoying their trip from wedding. In short, the two parts of the honeymoon of the prince and princess of Wales, the parents of prince William and prince Harry, had not happened under the sign of love. In his book Charles III the unloved, Bertrand Meyer Stabley returns to the facts of this failed honeymoon. The author returns to the bulimia of Princess Diana who, according to him, makes herself “sick five or six times a day during her honeymoon”.

Lady Diana: the Princess of Wales stuffed herself and made herself vomit

Lady Di “gorges and vomits every day from what should have been the most romantic time of her life,” says Bertrand Meyer Stabley. King Charles III would then have told Camilla: “I smelled this smell of vomit during our whole honeymoon. My stomach was upset. A few days were enough for me to understand what was going on. It takes stupid for thinking I didn’t know what she was doing.”

“My belly was upset”: this smell linked to Lady Di that Charles III could not stand during his honeymoon

“My stomach was upset”: this smell linked to Lady Di that Charles III could not bear during his honeymoon © AGENCY

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