Every Tuesday, a personality confides in the Canal+ studios for the program En aparté, hosted by Nathalie Lévy. This March 22, it was the journalist Mélissa Theuriau who complied with the exercise, referring in particular to her children, who sent her back to her young years. The producer of Au tableau !!! revealed to have known a somewhat complicated adolescence, tainted by a weight that she kept for herself. “I don’t know if we would call it harassment …”, begins Mélissa Theuriau before adding: “We would call it isolation, rather. I experienced isolation, it’s different. It also forges. I have been isolated for a long time, several years. And it’s very complicated”. Then to explain how much this period still haunts her today, as a mother. “It’s still my anxiety for my children, by the way. It’s not being able to say and talk to adults about what you… I don’t even know how to explain it anymore… It’s not being able to no longer want to almost exist. This loneliness, and not wanting to weigh on your loved ones and parents who have their worries, is something that I understand perfectly”.

Mélissa Theuriau: how many children does she have?

This feeling of isolation, Mélissa Theuriau does not want to see her win her two children, Lila (10 years old) and Léon (13 years old), born of her union with Jamel Debbouze. The journalist and the actor met in 2007, during a festival, before getting married in May 2008 in the Yvelines. About her dear and tender, Mélissa Theuriau did not skimp on the compliments, this Tuesday. “I met someone I admire, who continues to impress me with his independence of mind, his freedom. He cultivates that and I learn a lot from him,” she says.

Melissa Theuriau © Hamilton

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