Although it was party time, the night of the Fête de la Musique did not end well for a 27-year-old man. Indeed, shortly after midnight, the night of June 21 to Wednesday June 22, this man was taken care of by the Var firefighters. He suffered from a bullet wound in the neck! Until now, the circumstances are not clear, but the victim was directly helicoptered to a hospital in Nice.

It was the firefighters and the Smur de Draguignan who rescued the man who was seriously injured in the neck in the square in downtown Salernes. If after one o’clock in the morning, the emergency services and the gendarmes had already left the scene, the few witnesses still present readily spoke of what happened. “I heard noises of broken glasses and screams and then I saw people fighting,” said a witness. “I heard a detonation”, confides a young woman, adding “Then a man was on the ground, he was bleeding”. “The man was sitting at a table when hooded men fell on him violently,” some passers-by told Nice Matin.

The cause of the injury has not yet been determined.

According to Nice Matin, it is the gendarmes of the Dracénoise Research Brigade who are in charge of the investigation. This on an order from the Parquet of Draguignan. “The victim would be a priori Salernoise,” says a source to the media. This same source claims that the origin of the injury has not yet been determined until now.

“with the music festival in full swing, the bangs heard could be firecrackers, fireworks, or a drumbeat,” according to the insider. Only the results of the investigation will be able to shed light on this story. To be continued…

Fête de la musique: bloody night after an event that causes trouble © Pexels


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