On January 6, 2022, TF1 will offer its new event mini-series My Angel in which Muriel Robin plays the main role. Poignant, this fiction allows the comedian to surprise the public once again by playing a character in a dramatic story … Here, she slips into the skin of Suzanne, a desperate mother. Indeed, eight years ago, his daughter Julie disappeared without leaving a trace. A former alcoholic, Suzanne has never stopped looking for her child but struggles to keep hope as time goes by.

Today Julie would be 25 and her mother still believes she is alive somewhere. One day she stumbles upon an old newspaper article with a photo taken during an agricultural demonstration in a remote village. In the photo, she spots a woman from behind wearing a very particular sweater … This garment looks exactly like the one Julie wore on the day she disappeared! Suzanne then goes to this town but the welcome of the inhabitants is far from warm between the murder of a teenager, the suspicion of the villagers and the meeting of a cop (Gabrielle, played by Marilou Berry) not convinced by her theory…

Muriel Robin perceived as “different” during her childhood

For Muriel Robin, agreeing to intervene in Mon ange was obvious because the journey of the protagonist she plays has intimately reminded her of hers. In the columns of Télé Star, she gives herself up: “Her loneliness spoke to me. Suzanne arrives in a village, she is not like the others. It reminded me of my youth in Saint-Etienne, when I was looking for my sexuality. I had short hair, I sometimes dressed as a girl, sometimes as a boy, I was the girl of the ‘Robin shoes’ (her parents ran a store, editor’s note). I was pointed out, I was different, I disturbed. This isolation, I knew it. I also liked this woman for her determination, her courage. The word courage is a word which goes to the women. “

Muriel Robin © Stephen Caillet

Lara T.
Lara T.

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