This Monday, February 6, the body of the young Sihem will be buried. During a private ceremony, his relatives will be able to say a last goodbye to him. The investigation continues. The police must in particular find out how the young woman died. The main suspect, who confessed to the crime, explained that he suffocated her following a romantic argument. Asked in Sept à Huit, Sunday February 5, the employer of the high school student gave an astonishing testimony. Indeed, he delivered the last messages he had with the young woman.

Thus, viewers discover that around midnight, the evening of her disappearance, Sihem tells her employer, named Lounès, by telephone: “She said to me: ‘There is Mahfoud who is coming to pick me up, by car.’ And we didn’t even have time to chat a little longer,” he said. Following this call, she will send him an SMS: “I’m going, I’m getting in the car. If anything happens to me, it’s Mahfoud. If there is no [ my] news, alert my brother.” The employer will then ask him to send him “[s]a geographic location”, but because of a “network” problem, he has lost “contact” with the young woman.

The love dispute theory

Very close to the young woman, this pizzeria manager had sympathized with Sihem. Thus, it is with great sadness that he looks back on his death. “She was only 18. She had become a family, more than a friend. She was like my little sister, to me,” he said. And for him, one thing is clear: Sihem had “no” romantic relationship with the main suspect: “That, I can guarantee you a thousand percent,” he added. A version that goes against that of the main suspect.

Murder of Sihem: this last chilling exchange with his employer just before dying

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