It is a case that had hit the headlines. In April 1993, a 17-year-old high school student named Muriel Théron was found dead in the streets of Lyon. Raped then strangled in the district of Croix-Rousse, the autopsy proved that the victim struggled for long minutes after being murdered. During the hearing of his relatives, the grandmother of Muriel Théon indicated that she had advised him not to take this sometimes badly traveled path.

For more than fifteen years, investigators have listed more than fifty suspects, without ever having succeeded in getting their hands on the culprit. Then what had to happen happened: a dismissal was pronounced during the year 2012. mass of work is such in the courts that we can forget these poor victims”, explained Commander Patrick Detré, retired policeman, during his interview for the RTL podcast L’Heure du crime, which came back for a long time. on this incident.

Muriel Théon’s family still has hope of finding the murderer

The family of Muriel Théron has therefore been waiting for almost three decades to be able to put a name to the murderer. With one last hope which reappeared a few days ago: the investigation was reopened by the judicial unit for unresolved cases, which will be able to carry out new DNA analyzes by taking advantage of technological advances which did not exist at the time. . “Science is evolving, the genetic fingerprint file is developing, because it has new technologies and therefore, we must not close the door to hope”, finally declared Patrick Detré. Perhaps we will soon know the end of the story.

Murder of Muriel Théron: this last chance to shed light on the death of the high school student

Muriel Théron murder © Pexels

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