He unknowingly transported the body of little Lola. On Friday, October 14, a VTC driver picks up Dhabia B.. The young woman is carrying two suitcases and a large trunk with her. During the race, which will last about twenty minutes, the man will talk with the main suspect in Lola’s murder. Asked by our colleagues from Le Parisien, he confides that he finds the young woman “strange but rather relaxed, not stressed”. “She asks me how the job is going for me, if I have clients, if it’s going well. I tell her that it’s fine and I ask her what she does for a living,” he explains.

To which Dhabia B. would have replied: “I deliver for Uber Eats”. “‘And then, is there work?’, relaunches the driver. ‘That, I keep for myself’, replies the young woman with a coldness that surprises her interlocutor.” From that moment, the driver clearly sees that a silence has settled in his vehicle. Once at their destination, many police vehicles are parked in front of Lola’s residence. Without panicking, she will ask that we arrest her here. She then calls her older sister to help her get her luggage, including the trunk with Lola’s body.

Dhabia B. wanted to involve her sister

“Abdel does not understand everything but remembers one insult in particular: ‘Come down and help me put… of your race’. After a few minutes of waiting, a 26-year-old young woman ends up presenting herself the car. It is not a friend of Dahbia B. but of her sister, Friha, 26 years old”, specify our colleagues from Parisian. The eldest of the siblings then asks her little sister what this big trunk contains. “Faced with the silence of her younger sister, suspicious, she would have refused to help her and to repatriate the luggage to her home. It seems that the alleged murderer wanted to hide Lola’s body at her sister’s house”. Dhabia B. will then leave the body of little Lola in the common areas of the residence.

Murder of Lola: the one who transported her body without her knowledge recounts her strange exchange with the suspect

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