It is a terrible drama that took place on Friday October 14 in the 19th arrondissement of Paris. The body of Lola, aged just 12, was found in a suitcase on Manin Street, where her parents lived. The schoolgirl was reportedly killed after being raped by Dahbia B, who is the main suspect. She was indicted for this murder before being placed in pre-trial detention in Fresnes prison. This Wednesday, November 16, a march was organized in Paris to pay tribute to the teenager. During this, Lola’s parents were present and it was Delphine, the teenager’s mother, who spoke. She first wanted to thank the participants and in particular her daughter’s classmates. “Through Lola, it is all the children who felt affected by a violence which could also have struck them”, she first affirmed. Subsequently, she made a long-awaited announcement since she mentioned the creation of a foundation dedicated to minors who are victims of violence. This will be funded by Michael Bloomberg, the entrepreneur and former mayor of New York, who “committed to supporting financially to support us”, she revealed. A project that pays tribute to Lola but also helps children in need.

This march was an opportunity for the parents of the teenager to speak publicly for the first time. “Today, our call for dignity and decency for the memory of Lola has been heard and we welcome each other”, first launched Delphine before adding: “If we are not expressed until today ‘Today, it’s quite simply because we need calm, meditation to make sense of things, to rebuild ourselves”. She then recalls that their private life must remain so. “It is our intimacy, our memories on which we can build on to build a new future are precious,” she continued. Since October 14, Delphine and her husband have been living in real hell. “Living with and without Lola, understanding the incomprehensible, this is the situation we are in after the psychological tsunami that hit us,” she assured before adding that “rebuilding together will be difficult” . During this speech, Lola’s mother explained that, in the face of so much barbarity, “everyone can be tempted by anger, by violence towards the murderess and it is legitimate”, assures she before adding: “But if we want to know and understand, we must not respond to violence with violence”. As the investigation continues, Delphine wants to trust the justice system to provide “all the elements of understanding which, during the trial, even if it will be painful, must be exemplary so that it leads to a verdict up to par. of the violence suffered by Lola and the horror in which we live”, she concluded.

Murder of Lola: what rant pushed her mother Delphine?

The murder of Lola has caused a lot of talk, especially political figures. Many have mentioned his first name at protests and on the internet. On October 21, it was through their lawyer, Clotilde Lepetit, that the parents of the teenager had made an important request. “The family urges that any use of their child’s name and likeness for political purposes cease and be removed.” During this walk, Delphine again mentioned the use of her daughter, which pained her a lot. “The worst is the use of the image of our daughter for mercantile or political purposes,” she said, upset. Today, Lola’s family only wants to focus on rebuilding and grieving.

Murder of Lola: overwhelming with dignity, her mother speaks for the first time and makes a strong announcement

Lola © Laurent Sanson

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