The days pass and the profile of Dahbia B., the presumed murderer of young Lola, becomes clearer. This Friday, December 9, the newspaper Le Parisien was able to read the report of the investigating judge retracing the appointments between Dahbia B. and the psychiatric expert in charge of the case. In his writings, the latter was very clear: the alleged murderer is a “highly dangerous woman who does not suffer from any psychiatric disorder”. What pave the way for a trial that promises to be terrible. As a reminder, this 24-year-old woman was indicted and then imprisoned on October 17 after being suspected of having killed, tortured and raped the 12-year-old schoolgirl.

Despite having assured that Dahbia B. did not suffer from any psychological disorder, the expert drew a disturbing portrait of the young woman. “On the social level, his dangerousness must hold all the attention, the risk of violence being assessed as being very high. His criminal acts are indeed related to a serious and complex disorder of his personality”, he writes. Endowed with a “high narcissistic and psychotic potential”, Dahbia B. has “a tendency to manipulation as well as a perverse structuring of her personality trying to hide the trouble and confusion in her interlocutor”.

Dahbia B. spoke about her relationship with drugs and the death of her parents

To carry out his expertise, the psychiatrist worked on the hearings of the young woman during her police custody in the criminal brigade and met her three times at the women’s remand center in Fresnes (Val-de- Marne) where she is incarcerated. A heavy consumer of cannabis, Dahbia B. quickly spoke of the effect of this drug on her journey: “Cannabis killed me because I was lazy about everything”. Orphaned after the death of both her parents, her father died in Algeria and her mother from cancer when she was only a teenager, the alleged murderer has a great emotional loss.

On the sentimental level, she evokes two boys who would have mattered to her but does not want to dwell on this point. The psychiatric expert also established a link between his acting out and an old trauma of a sexual nature, which would be buried in the unconscious of the young woman. Her trial, which will be held in the coming weeks or months, should tell us more about this woman who could not be more mysterious. In the meantime, justice has more and more information to do its job properly, a lesser evil for little Lola’s family.

Murder of Lola: cannabis, papers, her mother, her love affairs… What Dahbia B. told the psychiatrist expert

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