He admitted to having killed Justine Vayrac, a few hours after being taken into custody. Lucas L. the main suspect in the murder of this 20-year-old student is still in the hands of investigators. Indeed, many shadow areas must be lit. Especially about his alibi. Indeed, it is still difficult to explain how an average young man could have shown so much coldness on the night of the murder. According to information from Le Parisien, the main suspect in the murder of Justine exchanged chilling text messages with Theo, the young woman’s friend.

When he has just left with the mother of a two-year-old child, he will get angry with Theo who asks for news of Justine: “Let me finish”, he sends him, making the youngster believe man having sex with the student. “Is he actually talking about Justine? Is she already dead, even buried? Has he already burned his handbag, found near his home?” Ask our colleagues. Another disturbing fact: after killing Justine, he goes to find a friend and brings her home, most certainly to create an alibi.

Lucas L.: “I have other things to do than think about your drunk friend”

He will send a last message to Theo, who is still just as worried at not having heard from his friend. At 5:35, he writes: “I have other things to do than think about your drunk friend”. An SMS that sends shivers down your spine, especially since at 6:17 a.m., he will call Noé to tell him that Justine has sent him a message, telling him to be at a certain Noé’s, a friend. One more lie, a questioning behavior for the one who confessed to the murder of this young woman. Many psychiatric expertise will be launched to determine how a young man like all the others can suddenly switch to horror.

Murder of Justine Vayrac: the chilling SMS of the suspect sent the night of the drama

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