He is imprisoned in the prison of Périgueux in Dordogne. Lucas L., who confessed to the murder of Justine Vayrac on the night of October 23, 2022, is awaiting his judgment. This incarceration was decided by the prison administration, which indicated that the suspect should be watched even more than the other prisoners, given the media impact of the case. Indeed, justice fears for the health of the young man: the other prisoners could try to kill him or he himself could end his life. If he had to be imprisoned in the remand center of Tulle, in Corrèze, this penitentiary center did not have enough human resources necessary.

Indicted for rape, kidnapping, he awaits the progress of the investigation. For those close to the young Justine Vayrac, many questions still remain unanswered. During the funeral of the mother, her relatives could not hold back their tears: “Vincent, Justine’s father, seems haggard, lost. Marina, her mother, bursts into tears, too”, notes the special correspondent of the Parisian . The priest also has a hard time finding the words: “How not to be upset in the face of the unacceptable? How not to be upset in the face of injustice? Faced with Justine, 20, young mother with all her projects? Why this suffering? Why this pain?

The moving words of Gabin’s dad

From now on, Justine Vayrac will watch over her loved ones: “Where Justine is called, suffering and pain have no place. She will find her grandmother there, who admired each other.” Gabin’s dad, Justine Vayrac’s son, was also present. Although separated from the young woman, he finds himself in mourning, trying to stay the course for their son, Gabin. “She will always remain his mother, he testifies. We will make sure to talk to her about her, so that she is always alive with him.”

Murder of Justine Vayrac: revelations about the prison life of Lucas, her alleged murderer

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