A murder against the backdrop of a settling of scores. On August 24, 2021, Jean-Christophe Piel, a recognized and appreciated physiotherapist from Liancourt (Oise), was found dead after being shot in the back of the neck. Quickly, the police turned to Delphine P., his wife. The latter had indeed promised the man to make him live through hell since their breakup. The investigation then identified her lover and a friend as the alleged perpetrators of the murder of her husband, which she had orchestrated.

A drama that had not so surprised the relatives of Jean-Christophe Piel, who had had fears and the presentiment of trouble to come from the day of their wedding. “At their wedding, during the exchange of consents, Delphine rolled her eyes, annoyed, while Jean-Christophe was madly in love and looked at her like a goddess”, confided Frédéric, a friend of the victim for many years. long years to our colleagues from Marianne in August 2022. However, none of them would have thought that this love story would cost him his life.

Terrible accusations against Jean-Christophe Piel

In 2018, Jean-Christophe Piel had finally decided to break up with his wife. The latter had then promised to “make (s)a life hell”. Two days after this separation, Delphine P. had filed a complaint for sexual assault on their eldest daughter aged 3 and a half, then a few weeks later, a complaint for rape on the second daughter of the young woman and her youngest son. Charges which had then earned Jean-Christophe Piel to be indicted without being imprisoned. He was also prohibited from coming into contact with his children. After three and a half years of investigation, a dismissal was finally pronounced in the case of the alleged sexual assault of his eldest daughter. The father of the family was then to see his daughters again, but the day before this reunion, he was executed.

Wiretapped by the gendarmes of the Amiens research section, Delphine P. was arrested in February 2022, as was her lover and a friend of his. The trio is indicted for “voluntary homicide in an organized gang”. While she proclaims her innocence, the mother of the family has been imprisoned pending trial, as have her two alleged accomplices.

Murder of Jean-Christophe Piel: why his relatives had a bad feeling from his marriage

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