A case solved more than 30 years later. On October 23, 1988, the body of 26-year-old Anna Kane was discovered on a trail in Pennsylvania. A mother of three, the victim, who was known as a prostitute, was beaten and strangled to death. Investigators find DNA on his clothing, belonging to a male profile, but no match is found in databases from the time.

Two years later, the Reading Eagle newspaper is trying to revive the case by asking its readers if any of them have information about the murder, says NBC. And shortly after, the editorial staff receives a letter signed by “a concerned citizen” which reports many precise details about this crime. The mail is then entrusted to the investigators, who believe that its author could be the murderer. After analyzing the letter, they find DNA which is indeed the same as that found on the victim’s clothes. However, there is still no match in the files.

The killer can never be tried for his crime.

But a few days ago, new DNA searches on genealogical sites revealed the identity of Anna Kane’s murderer. This is Scott Grim, who was 26 years old at the time of the crime. But the man can never be tried because he died in 2018 of natural causes at the age of 58.

Police were able to confirm it was indeed the killer after they were able to obtain a DNA sample from Scott Grim, which quickly matched those found at the crime scene and on the letter. No link has been established between the killer and Anna Kane, but police believe he may have been a client of the prostitute.

Murder Confounded More Than 30 Years After Murder Thanks To Newspaper Readers' Mail

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