Motorcycle star to marry stepsister after 11-year secret

They will finally be able to make their love a reality. In love with each other for many years, they first preferred to silence their feelings before cracking. Portuguese Moto GP rider Miguel Oliveira will soon be a married man. As his father explained to Marca, the sportsman is going to marry his half-sister, Andreia Pimenta. The couple, who have known each other since they were 13, had a secret relationship for 11 years before going public a few months ago. The 24-year-old is the daughter of the second wife of Miguel Oliveira’s father, Cristina. “I am happy that my son is marrying the woman of his life,” Paulo, the pilot’s father, told the Spanish sports newspaper. First discreet about the true nature of his feelings, the future groom had already mentioned his relationship with his half-sister. “Before love, there was a great friendship. We grew up together”, he confided to Manuel Luis Goucha.

“At one point we realized it was more than a friendship, it’s a very strong love. We were going to get married this year, but this weekend I had a run and we had to postpone it next year, “continued the pilot, impatient to finally make Andreia Pimenta his wife. Last July, the young woman had unveiled their engagement. A few months after making their relationship public, she had shared several pictures of the couple. With a smile on her lips, she held a huge bouquet of flowers in her hands. “Today has been forever marked in my life. The answer was YES”, wrote the future bride in legend. Andreia Pimenta often posts tender declarations of love for Miguel Oliveira on social networks. In particular to celebrate his birthday: “My love today is your day. There is not a day when my love for you does not grow even more”.

Pilot and companion fulfilled

Miguel Oliviera also honored his bride-to-be on her most recent birthday, posting: “Congratulations, my love. Another year alongside the one I love the most, she remains so special”. And if all goes for the best on a personal level, the athlete also has something to be happy about on a professional level. For the first time, the young man won a grand prize, that of Styria, at the wheel of his motorbike. “Just screams and pure joy that we finally got it done,” he said. “I’ve seen this happen quite a few races ago already. I felt we had the potential to do it, so eventually being able to do that is a huge boost to be able to continue like this. ”

Miguel Oliveira and his half-sister © Instagram

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