He is a figure of the Catholic Church all over the world. On September 5, 1997, Mother Teresa passed away at the age of 87. Born in Macedonia, she will devote her life to religion and more particularly to helping the poorest populations in the world. She receives authorization to establish the new congregation of Missionary Sisters of Charity and commits to caring for the hungry, the homeless, the lepers and all those who feel rejected.

Upon his death, thousands of people will march through Calcutta, India, to pay homage to him. However, it was not until 2003 that Pope John Paul II proceeded to the beatification of Mother Teresa in front of 300,000 faithful in Rome, after the authentication of a miracle attributed to her. A miracle that occurred in northern India a year after her death: a pregnant woman claims to have been cured of a cancerous tumor after the affixing on her stomach of a medal blessed by the nun. A first symbolic recognition … but not the last.

Mother Teresa elevated to the rank of saint

In fact, in 2016, Mother Teresa was canonized. She was recognized as a saint by Pope Francis, during a mass attended by nearly 100,000 faithful. To reach this rank, the Pope had to ratify a second miracle, which occurred in 2008, in Brazil. After a prayer from his wife to Mother Teresa, at the invitation of a priest, a man in a coma wakes up on a hospital table without the multiple brain abscesses that condemned him. “I cannot explain it”, declared the doctor who had taken charge of him. A canonization that divided: some assure that the first miracle never took place.

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