Mother of a family found in a freezer with the body of another woman

It was a terrible drama that happened in London. As reported by The Mirror, the body of Jane Mustafa, a mother, was found in a freezer along with that of another woman. According to media information, she was murdered by a man named Zahid Younis. Aged 38, her body was found along with that of Henriett Szucs, 34. The two women had been missing for several months. For his part, the murderer was reportedly sentenced to life imprisonment.

Despite the violence of the facts and the psychological shock, Jane Mustafa’s sister, Mel, and her cousin Ayse Hussein confided in the Mirror. They notably shared the fact that the victim had sunk into drug addiction before allowing himself to be manipulated by Zahid Younis. In May 2018, shortly before her disappearance, Jane Mustafa had written a letter in which she recounted her ill-being. “All she writes in her diary is that she wants to go to rehab. She begged, begged and begged someone to help her,” her sister said.

Jane, a vulnerable woman

Of Turkish origin, Jane Mustafa was greatly appreciated by her community in London. But according to those close to her, she was a vulnerable mother. While taking care of her three children, Jane Mustafa is said to have sunk after having seen her housing allowance cut. She would then have lost her home. Falling into drugs, she consumed what she found. “She wrote in her diary that she didn’t know what she was taking, but she took it and it solved all of her problems and made her feel better.” said Mel Mustafa. Now the whole family is in mourning.

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