A staggering revelation surrounding the names of children, this is what an office worker told him after his colleague told him about the birth of his twins. Disturbing names that could ruin the lives of her children …

When it comes to choosing a baby’s first name, most parents spend a long time on it. Peaceful or more hectic discussions, immediate agreement or lengthy negotiations, whatever the final choice, it will forever influence the existence of their cherub. While inspiration can sometimes be lacking, the puzzle is even more complex when the couple prepare to welcome not one but two newborns simultaneously!

On Reddit, a man came anonymously to testify to his disbelief at the rather unusual first names his colleague had chosen for his twins. Names that will not help them develop their personality and will not be obvious to such young children …

Twins that are too identical …

On the forum, the stunned young man announced that his colleague had chosen for his twin sons … the same first name. “A colleague of mine recently had twins after a long battle with infertility. She made her first appearance at the office with her new babies to introduce them to our team, “he noted. “When asked what she named the boys (because until she left she was undecided) she told me they called them ‘Sean’. The man asks her about the second boy’s first name, “She said, ‘No, they’re both Sean, one with an’ A ‘and the other with an’ E ‘so Sean and Seen.”

A first name counts triple

Astonished, the man did not fail to point out to her another… disturbing element “My colleague’s last name is also” Sean “. When I told her, she said, “Yes, like TomTom or Jay Jay”. Faced with this improbable answer, the reply bursts out “I immediately and without thinking said” This is the silliest thing that I have heard and it is going to be so confusing “, continuing” People laughed and many immediately turned away the look “. And for good reason… The children will have to confront their identity as twins, their identical first name and… a last name identical to their first name! What strongly confuse the most clever of minds! “After he left, I received a few texts saying that it was not for me to comment on people’s name choices. This is apparently not the first round of negative comments she has. ” In replies to his post, other users shared his opinion, “I have an identical twin. Matching names is probably the cruelest thing you can do to a person. It’s not just confusing. This will prevent the twins from developing identities outside of this pairing “while a second noted” This is child abuse. Having twins isn’t a reason to hamper their personal development (like identity) just because it’s “so weird.”


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