An elephant trampled on a 23-year-old woman and her three-month-old baby. According to the National Parks Authority announcement on Tuesday, January 4, the elephant was part of a herd. On her way home, the 23-year-old woman crossed paths with the herd. The 23-year-old woman and her baby were returning from a visit to relatives on the New Year’s Eve. AFP reports that the woman lives in the rural district of Chipinge in south-eastern Zimbabwe.

Zimparks spokesperson Tinashe Farawo told AFP the elephant suddenly attacked the woman and her baby. Both the mother and the baby died on the spot. Tinashe Farawo also explains that this scene is not an isolated case. “40 people were killed in the first three quarters of 2021,” says Tinashe Farawo. This disaster is due to the encounter between man and wildlife which is becoming more and more conflictual. Population growth requires, humans encroach on the territories reserved for wild animals.

500 elephants are to be slaughtered according to Zimparks

The elephant that trampled the 23-year-old and her three-month-old baby to death has since been shot. Zimparks spokesperson looks back on another case from last year where an elephant killed a 71-year-old South African tourist. The tourist and his 41-year-old son were walking through Mana Pool National Park in Zimbabwe when a helpless female elephant attacked them. Tinashe Farawo explains that it is the competition between humans and wild animals for resources that causes this hostility. IOL recalls that Zimbabwe planned in 2021 to put on sale “rights to slaughter up to 500 elephants”. The reason for this decision has nothing to do with the rare elephant attacks, it is mainly because of the decline in tourism revenues from the parks due to the pandemic, explains Tinashe Farawo.

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