His passing left millions of fans in mourning. On January 26, Moses J. Moseley was found dead in Strockbridge, Georgia, USA. Aged only 31, the comedian was best known for playing several roles on television, including Mike, that of a zombie in the Walking Dead series for six episodes. After his tragic death, an investigation was opened by the authorities to determine the exact causes. According to TMZ, Moses J. Moseley died of a gunshot wound to the head. The authorities are still awaiting the conclusions to know if it was a suicide or an accident, according to the certificate obtained by the American media.

“He was loved by all who met him. Such a bright light in everyone’s eyes, his loved ones wrote in a statement announcing the sad news and forwarded to People. Moses was an amazing person and if you had the opportunity to meet him, he would have made your day amazing. He was very talented, he was a great friend, the kind you could call on for anything. He was always enthusiastic about living and working in the field. entertainment.” The channel that broadcasts Walking Dead across the Atlantic, AMC, paid tribute to him on Twitter. “Our thoughts and prayers go out to Moses J. Moseley, member of The Walking Dead family,” it read.

Moses J. Moseley: A career on the rise

Born in December 1990 in South Carolina, Moses J. Moseley studied criminal justice before embarking on modeling. He began his career in 2012, mainly chaining extra roles. After The Walking Dead, he played a resident of District 11 in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, before playing in an episode of Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda, then in the film Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. Moses J. Moseley has also played in recent series such as American Soul, Queen of the South and Watchmen, in which he plays Husher for one episode.

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