They wanted to say “Yes” to each other, but not in a classic way. Madi Danger and Jay Aspen, both 26, were married on December 16, 2022 in Idaho Falls, USA. But the couple, fans of the 80s, found a way of their own to celebrate this union.

Indeed, tired of the “tired old traditions” of traditional weddings, Madi and Jay had a surprising idea to make their union the “heaviest metal wedding ever”.

A Heavy Metal Wedding

They have loved each other since they were in high school. Madi Danger and Jay Aspen dated for nine years, their love bonding over their passion for Heavy Metal and the 80s. So when the wedding comes up, the couple want to do everything to make this day just like them. . Refusing to exchange “crappy rings”, Madi and Jay seek an object that will bind them forever while respecting their passion and their electric style.

A meaningful object

If the idea of ​​exchanging electric guitars seems to them at first “like a joke”, the couple ends up thinking about it more seriously. “One day, we were talking about the guitars we wanted and we were looking on the Gibson site, the Explorers,” explained Madi to the New York Post. “I joked that we only had to swap them during our marriage and then we decided to really do it,” she continued.

Rings impossible to find

This decision is made while their searches for rings are fruitless. “I really like Victorian style rings but they are hard to find and the ones we saw looked really cheap,” Madi said. “Jay wouldn’t buy me a shitty one and doesn’t like wearing a ring anyway,” she added. They opt for two Explorers, one black and one white. “It was really fun because the guitars had been hidden away for so long! Madi laughed. “Only a few people knew about it and so some were shocked before getting excited,” she said.

A perfect gothic church

This ceremony, far from classic weddings, was perfectly in the image of the couple. Walking up the aisle to the sound of Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mr Crowley,” the couple united in a very spooky Gothic-style Methodist church. “We had a very cool neo-Gothic church with incredible stones and stained glass,” Madi noted. “We waited three months for the reverend to return to the country to get married,” she added.

Go back in time

Leaving the church, the couple climbed into Madi’s own retro black hearse that she had purchased in 2021 from a funeral director and had the license plate “6FTUNDER” (for Six Feet Under, or six feet under). Continuing their momentum, the couple had used filters for the video of their wedding. “A lot of people thought the wedding was filmed in the 80s,” Madi said with a laugh. “I also zoomed in a lot on the video so the quality suggests that it was shot at that time” she revealed.

Rock’n’roll all the way!

These are not the only elements suggesting a past ceremony! Madi tackled a typical 80s hairstyle and makeup, sporting a vintage white dress found for 120 euros on eBay. Her new husband wore a black suit and a red tie. During the reception, the couple cut their wedding cake with a dagger. A cake that Madi’s grandmother made her “with black and red roses”, she said.

An ideal marriage

For the less original, the ceremony, ideal according to the couple, raised some questions among the guests. “There’s always a few people who think it’s gritty and we’re just trying to be different but we really wanted to do that! Madi argued. “Whether it’s on social media or not, that’s how we wanted our wedding,” she insisted. A wedding that seduced their 118,000 subscribers on Instagram. In the various wishes and comments received, the couple could read: “This is such a cool idea, this moment is absolutely perfect! You are just 200% yourself and in love”. A compliment that certainly touched them!

More rock'n roll than ever, they exchange an unusual object at their wedding


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