He is suspected of having caused terrifying fear to his mother as well as his brother, reports the 20 minutes article of October 11, 2022. It was the municipal police of Montpellier who arrested the young man in an apartment located in the district of Antigone on October 9, 2022. After the intervention of the municipal police officers, the national police officers came to recover the young man, always according to 20 minutes. When the municipal police arrive on the scene, the young man is armed with kitchen knives.

The scenario was particularly frightening and no one knows what could have happened if the authorities had not intervened. The mother of the young man from Montpellier was locked in the bathroom of Antigone’s apartment. She wasn’t locked in there alone. Sure enough, the young man, who was armed with kitchen knives, had also locked his little brother in the bathroom with his mother. From the bathroom, the mother locked by her son with her other son in the bathroom had shouted “help”, reports the magazine.

City police officer seriously injured in arm

Since the door was closed, the municipal police had to break a window to enter and free the victim and her other son. According to 20 minutes, the victim is safe and sound. No information has been revealed about the motive for the confinement or what the youngster intended to do to his mother with the kitchen knives. We learn that it is the ex-companion of the mother who warned the police. The young man did not cause any casualties, but it is reported that a municipal policeman seriously injured his arm by leaning on the broken window.

Montpellier: kitchen knives in hand, he gives his mother and brother a terrifying moment

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