A children’s quarrel that turns to tragedy. On Sunday April 24, in the United States, a 6-year-old boy was hospitalized in serious condition after being hit in the face with a gasoline-soaked tennis ball. According to WNBC television, Dominick Krankall was playing in the family garden in Bridgeport, Connecticut, when a group of four young neighbors came to mess with him. “As soon as he came down they called him and pulled him into a corner. Seconds later he came back and said, ‘Mom, they set me on fire,'” the sister says eldest of the boy, Kayla Deegan, to the American media.

Dominick’s mother, Maria Dua, one of four boys, a neighbor aged just 8, dipped a tennis ball in gasoline before lighting it with a lighter and throwing it away in the face of his son. “They called him by his first name to turn around. They threw it at Dominick and left him outside for dead.” Urgently hospitalized, little Dominick suffered third-degree burns to his face and legs. He will bear the scars of this event for the rest of his life. “His face is twice as big as normal. He’s all swollen and blistered. You can’t even see his beautiful eyes anymore,” said his mother, who launched a Go Fund Me campaign to pay hospital costs. by Dominick. Over $280,000 has already been raised.

“Mother refuses to admit what her son did”

For now, the little boy responsible has not been worried. An unbearable situation for Dominick’s family, who claim that he “has been persecuted for over a year”. “Two months ago, under the supervision of the bully’s mother, Dominick was pushed against a wall and fell to the ground. The mother refuses to admit what her son did,” adds Kayla Deegan. “It’s not the first time he’s taken it out on others, and he’s gotten away with it way too much already. The mother thinks he’s innocent. The family thinks it’s a joke. (. ..) This is grossly unfair and shouldn’t happen to any child. We demand justice for our little Dominick.” The little boy is still hospitalized.

The tennis ball badly burned the little boy © Pexels

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