Prince Harry returned to his mother’s death in his memoirs.
He revealed that Charles III woke him up to tell him of the accident.
According to Prince William’s brother, his father did not physically comfort him.

On August 31, 1997, the world learned with horror of the death of Lady Diana, aged 36. Terrible news when the ex-wife of Charles III had been the victim of a traffic accident, under the Alma bridge, in Paris. She left behind her two sons, Princes William (15) and Harry (12). In his memoir entitled “Spare” (“The Substitute”), which is scheduled for release on Tuesday, January 10, Prince Harry wanted to return to this dramatic event.

He thus explained the manner in which Charles III had announced to him the death of his mother. That night, the young teenager was at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. According to Prince Harry, his father woke him up before placing him “on the edge of the bed by placing his hand on my knee”. He would then explain the situation to her, speaking slowly. “I felt like he was in shock,” he said.

Charles III very clumsy in the face of Prince Harry’s sadness

According to the Mirror, Prince Harry reported his father’s exact words after Lady Diana’s death. “My dear son, mum had a car accident (…) Mum was seriously injured and she was taken to the hospital, my dear son” he would have told him. Unaccustomed to showing signs of affection, Charles III would not have physically comforted his sons. Meghan Markle’s husband also clarified that he “did not kiss him”.

Extremely saddened by the loss of his mother at such a young age, Prince Harry was however unable to show his feelings in public. He said he “felt like a politician” meeting the bereaved Britons. For several months, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II had however kept hope that everything was a lie, before finally realizing that Lady Diana would not return.

"Mom had an accident": Charles icy and awkward with Harry to tell him of the tragic fate of Lady Di

Prince Harry and Charles III © WALTER

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