It was on the road in Ballards Walk, Essex, that Claire Graves found a little boy, just 2 years old on December 21. The latter was all alone and frozen on a freezing morning. Passing by there in the car, the mother of the family said to have discovered the little boy dressed in a onesie.

After the discovery of the little boy, she would have spent nearly half an hour looking for the parents of the young boy in vain according to the Mirror. It was only after that she decided to call the police. Essex Police have since confirmed that the child was indeed taken into care by a specialist team. Two people were also reportedly arrested on suspicion of child cruelty. “I was driving along Ballards Walk, near the clinic, and suddenly this tiny little boy started running across the road. I jumped out of the car, while she was still moving, I grabbed her and pulled her out of traffic, ”Ms Graves had told Essex Live. “I tried to console him, he was screaming and was cold,” she added.

An investigation was opened by police

The instinct to want to help a child of Mrs. Graves was saving for this little boy of 2 years. Moreover, until the arrival of the police, he knew how to trust this mother. She had also claimed that he was afraid she would leave him. “He seemed to calm down a bit so I thought I should step away now and let the police do their job. He was petrified,” she said.

Although relieved that the little boy is now safe, Ms Graves also said she was shocked by the incident. For their part, the police announced that: “The child was not injured and the investigations made it possible to establish his identity. He is now in the custody of a partner organization”. “A 39-year-old man and a 44-year-old woman were arrested on suspicion of child cruelty (neglect). They remain in detention,” police said.

Ballards Walk, Essex © The mirror

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