Missing Maddie McCann: Suspect # 1 Christian B. is “evil and terrifying”

Manfred Seyferth paints a chilling portrait. This Friday, September 18, the British tabloid The Daily Mail – which quotes the tabloid The Sun – affirms that this 64-year-old German vagrant was an ex-accomplice of Christian Brückner. And his time spent with the number one suspect in the Madeleine McCann kidnapping has opened his eyes. According to him, the pre-criminal is “evil and terrifying.” “He’s bad (…) I’ve never liked him and he’s a psychopath,” he said, “he’s obsessed with little children.” Another overwhelming element for the main concerned, whose image is embellished over the revelations of those around him.

“He has always had a girlfriend with him and I think he is easily able to take a small child,” continued Manfred Seyferth, who served as a key witness when Christian Brückner was imprisoned for the rape of a American in 2018. He is now convinced that the criminal is responsible for the disappearance and possible death of little Madeleine McCann. The prime suspect is even said to have inherited a nickname heavy with meaning for his ability to break into homes: “the climber.”

Christian Brückner “loves young girls”

Manfred Seyferth recalled an anecdote which only aggravates the suspicions around Christian Brückner. While living in a motorhome near a farm in the Algarve, Portugal rented by the principal concerned, the informant witnessed a now disturbing scene. The suspect left the scene shortly after little Maddie went missing. A year later, the two met at a festival in Spain. A reunion of which Manfred Seyferth keeps another overwhelming memory. “He arrived in a large American camper van and was with a young girl, she was about 15 and he would have been double her age,” he recalled. “He loves young girls, he has a lot of convictions.”

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