January 1981 in Houston, Texas. The bodies of Tina, 17, and Harold Dean Clouse Jr., 21, are found dead in the apartment they have just moved into. At the time, there was nothing to identify the couple. Therefore, when a little Holly, 1 year old, is deposited some time later in a church in Arizona, 1500 km away, no one establishes the link between her and the two corpses discovered in Texas.

It will be necessary to wait until 2021, that is forty years, and the advances in genetics, to finally put a name on the victims of this tragic homicide, and discover that they had a daughter whom we have never seen since. The investigators take over the file and immediately try to find his trace. A year of active research will be necessary for them to achieve this. On Thursday, June 9, 2022, they announce that they have succeeded in locating Holly Marie Clouse thanks to the mobilization of genealogists affected by her story. Now 42, the woman now lives in the state of Oklahoma.

“We still have no suspects in this story”

Married for more than twenty years, mother of five children and grandmother of two grandchildren, the forty-something learns at this time her incredible and tragic story. According to the police, she was dropped off at this church by two women in white dresses and bare feet belonging to a nomadic religious movement. “It seems that this community was, at the time, in contact with Tina and Harold, explains the assistant to the attorney general, Brent Webster, during a press conference. . We still have no suspects in this story.”

The family who collected and raised the baby is, on the other hand, “not suspected in the investigation”. Holly Marie, she, “was informed of the identity of her parents and met for the first time, by interposed screen, members of her biological family”. His grandmother, Donna Casasanta, said in a statement that her granddaughter was found on the anniversary of her son’s murder and received the news as “a gift from heaven.”

“Tina finally rests in peace since her daughter Holly was reunited with her family”

“After I was able to talk to Holly, I dreamed of her and my sister, Tina, said Holly Marie’s aunt, Sherry Linn Green, in the same statement. In my dream, Tina was lying on the ground, Rolling, laughing and playing with Holly as they often did. I believe that Tina is finally resting in peace since her daughter has been reunited with her family. Personally, I am really relieved to know that she is alive and well.”

The heroine of this incredible cold case, however, did not wish to speak. The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children did so on her behalf: “Holly appreciates all of the support she has received, but asks for time and privacy. in order to better understand this very personal news concerning his biological family.

Missing in 1981, this woman was found forty-one years later

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