Miriam Travis, 87, had not heard from her family for several months already. Worried, his relatives finally reported the facts to the police, Sunday, September 19, in order to carry out a simple check at the home of the old woman. What they do immediately. It was around 9:30 a.m. when the police arrived at the New Ridge Drive residence in Riverside, California. When the officers knock on the door, Miriam’s 64-year-old daughter opens the door for them.

The sixty-year-old seems disoriented. “Our investigators noticed a lot of inconsistencies in what she was saying. Something was wrong,” said Constable Javier Cabrera, of the sheriff’s office. It does not take more for the police to enter the house and search the house. The latter is in disarray. Heaps of garbage are piling up in the various rooms, and a foul odor persists throughout the accommodation. Police officers eventually find Miriam’s body, lifeless, in the back of her freezer. His daughter was questioned by investigators but was released pending further investigation. An autopsy must take place to find out the cause of death and possibly understand the circumstances of the tragedy.

Miriam Travis, a former employee of the sheriff’s office

Neighbors and relatives told local media that Miriam and her daughter lived a reclusive existence, and that they had largely cut off contact with everyone after Miriam’s husband died in 1992. Two years earlier , the mother was retiring after serving on the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office for 27 years. “Our hearts are broken by this news,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said after the tragic discovery of Miriam’s body.

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