It is a terrible news item that hit the province of Chubut, in Argentina. Diego Alejandro Barria, a 32-year-old Argentinian, disappeared on Saturday February 18. That day, the man who was traveling by quad had to go home. At around 10:30 p.m., he was last seen greeting fishing friends, near the town of Comodoro Rivadavia. However, he never returned home and his partner, Virginia Brugger quickly announced his disappearance.

Less than two days after the incident, a group of people found Diego Alejandro Barria’s damaged quad and helmet in the Rocas Coloradas area, as reported by the Argentine newspaper La Jordana. A discovery that did not bode well.

TRAGEDIA IN COMODORO RIVADAVIA Diego Barría, 32 years old, estaba desaparecido desde la semana pasada y fue encontrado muerto en el interior de un tiburón. Era padre de tres hijos, mechanic y chofer de un camión.

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Argentinian’s body found in the belly of a shark

Eight days after the disappearance of Diego Alejandro Barria, fishermen from the coastal village of Caleta Cordoba made a gruesome discovery after catching a fruit bat about 1.50 meters long. “I went fishing, cut open the shark’s belly and found a forearm with a tattoo on it,” the fisherman said in a voicemail. According to the first information, it is the tattoo of a green and red rose accompanied by the mention “Josefina” which would have made it possible to identify the body of the man.

A terrible outcome for the family who had hoped to find the Argentinian alive. His remains are currently being examined to identify the cause of his death. For the moment, the investigators favor the track of a quad accident. The body of the father-of-three was said to have been swept away by the tide which was very strong that day and he was then devoured by the shark. The investigation must determine if he fell alone or if someone is responsible for his death.

Missing for eight days after a quad getaway, he is found inside a terrifying animal

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