Rebound for the Miss Belgium 2023 election to be held on Saturday February 11. Chayenne Van Aarle was the victim of a road accident on Saturday February 4. The Belgian media DH reveals that the facts occurred in Kruibeke, in East Flanders in Belgium. Miss Belgium 2022’s vehicle hit a truck which was probably stopped on the hard shoulder. Chayenne Van Aarle was “extricated, unconscious, from her car by the emergency services before being taken to hospital”.

In critical condition, Miss Belgium 2022 received first aid and was transferred to a hospital in Antwerp. There she regained consciousness. A friend told the Belgian press: “Chayenne has serious injuries to her face and the rest of her body. She also has bruises on her lungs and internal bleeding. But according to the doctors, she is in fairly stable condition.”

A noticeable absence in the election of Miss Belgium 2023

The organizers of the Miss Belgium 2023 contest have reacted to Chayenne Van Aarle’s accident – she was to perform the opening song of the ceremony. “I cried a lot, I was panicked, said Darline Devos, organizer of the election of the beauty queen. For a long time, I believed that she would not survive. The precise circumstances are unknown. from this terrible accident but she was very lucky to get out of it. I hope she will be better soon.”

The contest management has found a plan B to deal with the absence of their Miss. “Fortunately, we have produced a clip that we will broadcast instead, indicated Darline Devos. The show with the candidates planned in the middle of the ceremony will also be replaced.

Miss Belgium 2022 very seriously injured: Chayenne Van Aarle victim of a frightening accident


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