Mischa Barton: actress talks about the pressure she felt to lose her virginity

A moving essay … If she began her career very young, it was in 2003 that Mischa Barton became famous, thanks to her portrayal of Marissa Cooper in the teenage series Newport Beach. While her character had tremendous self-confidence and was in a relationship, the star felt the pressure more and more to lose her virginity. In an essay published on Harper’s Bazaar UK, Mischa Barton said: “The truth is that sexuality has always been a part of my career. To this day, having found the courage to open a conversation about my experiences on the set. as a young girl I was silenced and publicly called a ‘nightmare’ to work with. “

Referring to the time she was playing in Newport Beach, Mischa Barton explained, “Even being a virgin back then in this context made me feel like a fraud. I knew it was important to lose my virginity – looming above me, the elephant in the room if you will. I started to really worry that I wouldn’t be able to play this character if I didn’t hurry to mature a bit. ” Openly, the actress said, “Have I ever felt pressured to have sex with someone? Well, after being chased by older men who were in their thirties, j finally did the act. I feel a little guilty because I let him do it. I felt so much pressure to have sex, not just from him, but from society in general. “

Mischa Barton wants her story to help other young girls

Become a sex symbol only 13 years after the release of the film Lawn Dogs, released in 1997, Mischa Barton has long felt uncomfortable with her body. In her essay, she added that she wanted her story to help other young girls. “I can’t stay silent anymore, because these things always happen – the exploitation of young girls, of people of color, of all women, sexualized while being humiliated for being alive in their own bodies. So my story can help even a young girl stand up for herself and not let the world tear her down, then it will all be worth it. We have to collectively heal as a society and now I know it starts from within! “, a she shared.

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