Fulfilled in her work, Mireille Dumas never felt the desire to have a child. If she never gave birth, she was still a landmark for Antoine, the son of her companion, Dominique Colonna, who met her at the age of four. Asked about motherhood, it was in the Women of TV, Télé-Loisirs podcast that the journalist explained: “I didn’t justify myself so much on that. I know that it caused problems for some women who m often said that they had to justify themselves in the eyes of society. I never felt that. I replied that I had no desire for children. I never had the feeling nor did I feel that people asked me to justify myself for that, ever. On the other hand, I know that certain women who have not had children have suffered from having to justify themselves.”

In complete transparency, the former host of Private life, public life confided: “I have always said it as obvious. It was a non-desire of a child and it is completely assumed. felt this desire to give birth, to carry my child. Never. My current husband had a child (Antoine, editor’s note) who was small, who was different and who needed attention. I think I gave all my attention to that child. I am not in the desire for possession. I do not like to say ‘my’, ‘I’, ‘my husband’, ‘my child.’ I loved that child as if it were my own.” Finally, Mireille Dumas added: “For me, blood ties don’t mean anything, I put heart ties above blood ties. What’s important is love. I didn’t have I needed to have an extension. I worked a lot too. There was a lot of creativity. And afterwards, I said to myself, having a child, you have to take care of it. Not taking care of it, it makes no sense. .”

Mireille Dumas: “I was delighted to raise Antoine”

Last November, it was in the columns of Gala that the journalist had already mentioned her non-desire for motherhood. “I am one of those women who have never had the desire to bear a child. It is something that is foreign to me,” she assured. Finally, she added: “I was delighted to raise Antoine (…) As he was a different child, with a mild form of autism, he needed a lot of attention. He filled my life and I loved it. If I had to do it again, I would do exactly the same with him.”

Mireille Dumas © Guillaume Gaffiot

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