It’s a miracle. This Thursday, the authorities of Texas announced to have found a named Holly, who had been missing since 1981, when she was a baby.

Brent Webster, the assistant attorney general of Texas, said at a press conference: “Baby Holly has been located, she is alive, 42 years old and doing well. We are happy about it, but we still have a crime to be solved”.

Holly’s parents went without an identity for 40 years

Indeed, even though Holly was found 40 years later, her parents’ crime has still not been solved. In 1981, the bodies of a man and a woman were found in a wooded area in Houston, Texas. The latter had apparently been the victims of a homicide, but they remained without an identity for 40 years.

However, in 2021, advances in genetic genealogy have made it possible to identify the bodies. It was indeed Tina and Harold Clouse, the parents of little Holly. They were from Florida. Their murder remains, 40 years later, still a mystery, and the police intend to solve it now that the bodies have been identified and little Holly has been found safe and sound.

Brent Webster also said Holly “was told who her biological parents were and met her biological family members virtually for the first time on Tuesday.” The assistant attorney general of Texas assures that she was abandoned in a church in Arizona and that she was raised in a family which is “not suspected in the investigation”, according to her words. However, “two women identifying themselves as members of a nomadic religious group”, who thus deposited Holly in front of the church, are actively sought by the police.

Missing baby has been found 40 years after his parents were murdered © Pixabay


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