Between 2005 and 2013, Mindy Kaling interpreted the character of Kelly in the American series The Office. For his part, actor B.J. Novak played the role of Ryan, with whom she had a toxic relationship. And if they were partners on the screen, the two actors also started a relationship outside the filming, before becoming best friends.

A few years after the end of their relationship, Mindy Kaling announced the happy news, the birth of her daughter Katherine, in December 2017. Three years later, it was on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show that she made a new announcement. . “I’m saying this for the first time, it makes me feel weird, but I gave birth to a little boy on September 3,” she said, revealing that his name was Spencer. The identity of the father of her children has never been revealed.

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B.J. Novak is godfather to Mindy Kaling’s children

Since the birth of her children, Mindy Kaling has been keen to preserve their faces from media coverage. However, the 43-year-old woman does not hesitate to address her role as a single mother during interviews. In 2019, when asked by The New York Times about Katherine’s father, she explained, “I feel like until I tell my daughter about her dad, I’m not going to tell my daughter. nobody else”. A decision also valid for Spencer.

If the identity of the father of the children is not known, many rumors circulate, designating B.J. Novak. In August 2022, the actress, however, denied this information in Marie Claire, explaining: “He is the godfather of my two children, and they have such a good relationship. So far, [the rumors have not] affected my happiness at all, it didn’t affect my kids or B.J.” Very involved in his role as godfather, the 43-year-old man does not hesitate to dress up as Santa Claus or to take the children to do activities. A beautiful friendship between the two actors.

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