A new consequence of Covid-19 that no one was considering. For fear of being contaminated, many people have decided not to touch the bars in the metro or the ramps in the escalators, for a morbid result in London. According to figures compiled by the British media The Telegraph, twelve people died in the London Underground between the months of April and June 2021. Many others were injured, sometimes seriously.

These figures follow falls in public transport due to the health crisis and fear of catching the virus. London Underground Manager Andy Lord said: “One of the biggest risks to user safety is not standing and falling due to a perception that the different bars do not. are not clean because of the pandemic “.

Older people more at risk

And obviously, when we talk about falls, we naturally think of the elderly. For Andy Lord, it is they who are the most at risk, and especially when they “hold a baggage” in public transport. Another factor of falls: the drunkenness of some users, corresponding to the reopening of places for nightlife in the English capital.

The communication service of the London transport networks was keen to respond to these staggering figures, testifying to the “intensive cleaning regime in place”. Ultraviolet devices on the escalator ramps will be set up to “eradicate all traces of the virus”. A technological feat that may save a few lives.

12 dead in the London Underground © Pexels

Lara T.
Lara T.

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