In 2005, Charmaine Watson hit the jackpot in the lottery! This mother, residing in Eynsham in Oxfordshire in England, won the tidy sum of 2.3 million pounds, or about 2.7 million euros. As she tells in the columns of the Daily Mirror, it was her grandfather, now deceased, who bought her the winning ticket: “After my victory, I wanted to give something to my grandparents, who were very important to me, to thank them for changing my life. They didn’t want a penny so I paid for the renovations to their house; a new kitchen, a bathroom and all the comforts”.

At the time of her victory, Charmaine was a single mother. She took care of her son Ryan, who is now 18, and got by on benefits. Like his bank account, his sentimental status has also changed. She found love in the arms of Robbie, a childhood friend. The two lovebirds got married and had two children: Georgia, 15, and Daniel, 13. Despite their millionaire status, they have kept their feet on the ground. As proof, the father of the family continues to practice his trade as a carpenter while the mother works as a volunteer. The couple wants to set an example for their offspring.

Millionaire, she teaches the value of money to her children

Charmaine wants to instill values ​​in her offspring: “We make them do chores around the house and they get pocket money which they decide to spend or save.” The three teenagers therefore have to earn their money: “Even at a young age you have to show them that you have to work to earn money. Some weeks it’s 5 pounds, other weeks 10 pounds, it depends what they’re doing.” Its goal ? “Let them grow up like normal kids.” The mom also tries to be no different with her teenage friends so they aren’t disconnected from the world they live in.

Millionaire this mom forces her children to work to earn their pocket money


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