19 years old, room for change? On February 19, Millie Bobby Brown celebrated another year, the opportunity for the British actress to say goodbye to her long blonde extensions to make way for a brand new haircut. No more wavy and peroxidized mane, Millie Bobby Brown now displays a brown bob swept with chestnut highlights. An ultra natural look that contrasts somewhat with the glamorous blond that the young woman had been sporting for over a year when she was not on the film sets.

Because yes, if Millie Bobby Brown had chosen to become a blonde in the city, she continued to appear brown on the screen, in particular in Stranger Things and Enola Holmes. On January 29, the actress made an ode to her discoloration on Instagram by writing “Anyway, blondes have more fun (blondes have more fun, editor’s note)” under a photo of her, blonde, in the train laughing out loud with his companion, Jake Bongiovi.

Millie Bobby Brown: this message that divided Internet users

While some netizens approved of this post, others raised their eyebrows at such a claim. “Is this a message of hatred towards brunettes?”, replied one of them. “Brother, your name is literally Brown (brown in English, editor’s note)”, launched another. “Girl stop lying you’re not even a real blonde,” wrote a third. If the message has probably divided Millie Bobby Brown’s subscribers, everything should be back to normal today, since the actress has returned to her true roots!

Millie Bobby Brown: this radical physical transformation of the star of Stranger Things

Millie Bobby Brown © Backgrid USA

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