At 26, Damian Martin has been accused of having committed “acts associated with a stalking” against Millie Bobby Brown. The actress, who plays Eleven in the legendary Netflix series Stranger Things, was harassed by this fan, who managed to enter the set of her latest film, Damsel. 18-year-old Millie Bobby Brown was targeted in early May in London. After lying to security to infiltrate the set, this young man was quickly arrested by the police.

“Damian Martin twice visited filming locations where well-known actress Millie Brown was, who was recording a film for Netflix and a live podcast,” the court documents state. “He provided false information to security personnel in an attempt to gain access to the premises, the reasons for this are still unknown,” the writings continue.

The stalker fan got a suspended prison sentence

Now on trial, a temporary order prohibits the young man from contacting Millie Bobby Brown or her family, from going to places where she might be, from recording still or moving images of her as well as from following her or wait somewhere. He must also inform the police of the possession of any device with internet access, his passwords and details of the social media accounts he has – which appear to have already been deleted. Failure to do so is punishable by imprisonment.

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