The nights are short for Milla Jasmine. Since she welcomed her first child, the mother has no time for her. Thursday February 16, 2023, she also shared her little slack on Instagram. “I haven’t slept all night. One more night,” she wrote in the story. Exhausted, the young woman discovered in the program “The princes of love” is struggling to recover and have a restful sleep. “Manny was born on February 4. Since then I managed to sleep one night until today (…) Afterwards I’m not complaining. I’m so happy to have him but it’s hard. I’m going not tell you that I sleep too well and that he makes his nights. she added. According to her, her son would always want to breastfeed, including when he “finished drinking”. “You’re all telling me it’s normal and I have to be patient so we’ll see,” she added.

Despite the advice of her subscribers, Milla Jasmine is still worried about her lack of sleep. So much so that she launched into a Google search. “How long can we go without sleep?” she typed in the search bar. According to the search engine, the world record is 11 days and 24 minutes and is held by American Randy Gardner.

Milla Jasmine mom: when did she give birth?

As a reminder, Milla Jasmine announced the birth of her son on February 4, 2023. “04.02.2023. Welcome to the world my son Manny, Mekky B. After 9 months of waiting, and 48 hours in the hospital you are finally here, my wonder. I have never waited and desired your presence so much. It’s like before you, nothing had been important. May God be with you throughout your life. I promise to love you all my life and much more but above all to protect you. I love you my son.” she captioned a photo of her on her hospital bed. A photo that had given rise to a crazy rumor.

Milla Jasmine mum: "You all tell me…", why she has been worried since the birth of her baby

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